Scrap Report

There should be a scrap report available in the MRP system:

  • The report may have to be compiled from two separate reports, as is usually the case.

Inputs into the system that generate the report:

  • Scrap pieces per operation should be input into the system.

  • Also the reason the parts are being scrapped.  

How to Get the Report:
  • No report like this in the system?  That's ok. We can make one.

  • Download the amount scrapped report in Excel.

  • Then download the reason report into Excel.

  • Then paste and sort these reports together.

  • You won't need all the parts in the report, just the big problems.

The report should look something like this:

Amt Scrapped Cost Reason
Part 1 10 125.00 c-stripped threads
Part 2 12 300.00 d-damaged parts
Part 3 5 100.00 a-burn thru

The system should cost the part at its value at the point it was scrapped. As a part moves from one operation to the next, the value increases as additional material is added to it.

Of course, the above report would more than likely be much larger.  

I would sort the report according to the dollar amount lost and spend my time on the top 10 worst.  

Find out what happened and make notes on the report, then give to management.