MRP Software

MRP software is a very complicated software system that virtually effects all operations of a business. When a company decides to launch this software, management must make the commitment that it will provide the necessary resources to the launching of the software.

The necessary resources for a successful launch are:

  • Experts in the launching of the software
  • Champions assigned from every discipline necessary
  • A time commitment for champions to spend on the launch

Successful MRP launches are not luck; they are the end result of doing what is necessary, and nothing less. A failed launch will disrupt operations and cost much more than if it was done properly.

A good launch starts with the appropriate software for your business. There a few different MRP/ERP systems available. Choose the one that does most of what you need and want, at a price that you can afford. Pay special attention to upgrade requirements in the future.

Research the availability of experts to come into your company and lead the launch activities. Find out who other companies used, and the cost and length of time to launch. With the high cost of MRP software, you need to talk to other companies and learn what they did right and what they did wrong. If the software company does not have a list of companies that are using its software, look for another software.

After the software is chosen, it's time to choose champions from the necessary disciplines, these include: materials dept, finance dept, engineering, floor support, etc.  Some champions will require more time to invest than others. For example, data input champions will only need to be involved to learn the new input screens and to express their needs of the software. The champion(s) from the materials dept will need much more time to be able to learn and set up bills of materials, the shipping application, etc.

The new system needs to be set up and ready to go, with everyone involved trained and knowledgeable before the new software goes live. Dry runs of materials moves, truck shipments, financial results, etc need to be done and proved out. Whatever you do, do not launch the new software before this happens.

Be sure champions can take the time they need to make the new software launch happen. If the necessary people are too busy to work on the new project, the new project will be in trouble.