Restaurant Accounting Software

Restaurant accounting software is being required to perform many more functions then ever. Today's modern restaurant has gone high tech and relies heavily on its software to help manage the business.

Restaurant software supports:

  • Order entry 
  • Several pricing options
  • Ability to change menu items
  • Reservations
  • Food inventory management
  • Equipment maintenance schedules
  • Employee payroll and scheduling
  • Cash out options
  • Management reports
Wait staff enter their food orders into the Point Of Sale (POS) software generally with touch screen monitors. The POS then routes orders through the proper channels and tickets print out in the hot prep, cold prep, wet bar, dessert area, etc.

The system should allow for multiple pricing options for gift certificates, coupons, happy hour pricing, lunch menus, etc. Also, adjustments for complimentary items and bill reductions need to be allowed.

The system should be a live system that supports changes to menu items at any time, along with notifications when menu items are sold out or not available.

Table numbering and arranging should be supported in the system. Adding and removing tables should be allowed at any time. Reservation taking should be uncomplicated and easily edited by the staff.

The inventory module should maintain a perpetual inventory that can be viewed at any time. Periodic cycle counting to correct any inventory discrepancies will be allowed, along with periodic physical inventories.

Restaurant accounting software will include an employee module that maintains all the employee information required by law and tracks hours and pay rates. The employee scheduling module should allow for quick editing and easy staff access.

The cash out module allows for payments of cash, credit cards, and personal checks. It should automatically calculate the appropriate tax, and be flexible to accommodate more that one tax rate if needed.

Management will review reports from the system to manage and improve the business. The reports available should include: Daily sales and labor, table sales, sales margin, monthly and annual sales, food cost, food waste, cash drawer reports, server sales reports.