Data Entry Clerk Job Description

A Data Entry Clerk job description can vary by industry type. Most of these job descriptions will contain the following things:  must be accurate, must be able to type at least 50 words per minute and must be good on the 10 key number pad.

Many industries will employ this clerk.Every company that handles a tremendous amount of data will need these individuals.

Some of the places these types of clerks find work are manufacturing plants where they are inputting labor records, shipping documents, production records, etc. Other places include payroll companies, health care, government offices, and many more.

This type of work requires long periods of time at a computer typing information into a database. The information that the clerk enters is vitally important to many people and must be input accurately and quickly.

Several important things that an employer will look for in a person to fill this position are good attendance, good attitude, and a willingness to work and achieve a better position as time goes on.

A working understanding of the software the business uses is often required by employers, but not always. Often, a good attitude about work and the ability to get along with others is most important.

Many employers insist in their ads for employees that the job candidates must know a certain software and have a certain number of years experience. However, there are many instances when the person hired for these jobs does not have the stated requirements, but is someone that the hiring manager knows she can get along with and believes will do a good job and learn quickly. Of course, it is best if an applicant has the required skills and shows a good attitude.