Cheap Website Traffic

Cheap website traffic for your site is available; in fact, there is no cost to create traffic, except your time and energy. For most every website, the vast majority of all traffic will come from Google searches or Google paid advertising. Paid advertising may work for your website, but we will explore how to get free traffic here.

Getting to the first page of Google searches is key to creating cheap website traffic for your site. When your website appears in Google searches, and you have not purchased advertising to get it there, it is called "organic" traffic. Organic traffic is highly desirable and fairly easy to obtain if your site meets the requirements of Google.

The first step to creating organic traffic is to create your website in a systematic step-by-step approach that incorporates the requirements of Google. Google webbot software searches websites to display when someone types in a search by looking for:

  • Websites in the Google web index
  • Websites with a keyword similar to the search term entered
  • Websites that are popular and important based on it's criteria
Your website must be indexed by Google before the Google webbot software can see it. This is accomplished by submitting a sitemap of your website to Google

Your website must have pages that are developed around keywords that your visitors will be interested in. For example, if I create a web page around the keyword "balloon", then, when someone searches for balloon in Google, web pages with this keyword will be listed. These keywords are not something you dream up; keywords need to be developed based on user interest. You want keywords that are popular enough to generate substantial traffic to your site.

Your site becomes popular with Google based on the number of in-links to your site, subject matter, and other things. The in-links to your site are very important. In-links are created when another website or blog enters your sites URL as a link for its viewers.  

Does all this sound confusing?  If it does, there is a way for you to learn about all these things, and create a website that will rise to the top of Google searches. Review the website builder that taught me how to build successful websites.