Automotive Accounting Software

Automotive accounting software is used for dealerships and repair shops. The software can also be used for RV, ATV, Marine, Motorcycle, Heavy Equipment, Agriculture Dealerships, etc.

This industry specific software can have several add-ons to the basic software to help with your specific needs. Depending on the specific software, the following may be part of the basic software or available as add-ons:

  • Employee payroll
  • Repair Order
  • Service Management
  • Parts Inventory
  • Vehicle Inventory
  • Sales Management
Many small businesses still do their own payroll. You will need a payroll module that allows you to keep a database of each employee's information, and provide a password secure environment to maintain confidentiality. A good payroll module will easily create the reports you need to file with the federal and state governments for tax payments and required reports.

The repair order module in the automotive accounting software package is very important to your business. This needs to work flawlessly to prevent customer irritation and save you many hours of time. The module should allow the repair order taker to enter all the information about the customer and the vehicle, and depending on the type of system, it can do many things from there, including:
  • Maintaining a customer database
  • Keep a maintenance schedule for each customer and send out reminder notices to customers.
  • Provide detailed estimates for service
  • Schedule and manage appointments
  • Turn the estimate into an invoice when the service is performed
The repair module is a very powerful part of your software and your business. Be sure this part of your software package is what you need, is easy to use and accurate. Mistakes here may give your business a bad reputation for incompetence or worse.

The inventory module will keep a running inventory of parts available and re-order points. It will also provide inventory valuation and loss reports, as well as a physical inventory section.

For the dealership that sells vehicles, there is a vehicle inventory module database that allows for information on each vehicle to be entered, and then retrieved by the salespeople. The size of the dealership will often determine the sophistication of the module. Just remember, that all the bells of whistles come at a cost, not only in dollars for the software, but maintenance of all the information in the system. Some of the things this module will do are:
  • Track purchases and sales
  • Maintain a car lot inventory
  • Provide vehicle records
  • In house financing
  • VIN decoder
  • Print window vehicle information
  • Print required as-is/warranty window sheets
  • Provide amortization schedules
  • Profit reports